Sep 15, 2013

Personalise your Jewelry with Carmen Chan Jewelry

Carmen Chan Jewelry, a Hong Kong based jewelry brand lets you wear your heart on your sleeve jewelery with its Messenger and special J'aime Moi collection. The Messenger collection is a collection of fine rings and pendant necklaces made in 925 sterling silver, 18k yellow and rose plated gold. The rings come bearing two different messages of "Live Life" and "Feel Love" (pictured below).

The Messenger collection also features four styles of pendant necklaces (pictured below) with the designer’s signature handwritten pendant: “Dream”, “Laugh”, “Play” and “Dance”.

Here's the kicker: all rings and pendants can be customised!

So the possibilities for personalisation are endless - you could write whatever your philosophy to life is on your jewelery piece that will be unique to just you!

If you're thinking you've seen similar designs before, you're not wrong. Dior might have started the "handwritten jewelry" trend with their Oui ring, which sparked a multitude of copies.

(Far left and center: The Dior Oui ring) (Far Right: An Oui ring on Etsy)

(Above: Solange Azagury-Partridge's 'Love' Gold Diamond Ring)

While Dior's Oui ring is seen an unconventional engagement ring by some with a simple design which has connotations of engagement, marriage and love ("Oui" means yes in French), the concept behind Carmen Chan's J’aime Moi ring collection comes from the belief that before loving the world, you need to love yourself.

The J’aime Moi ring collection (pictured below) has been jointly-designed with fashion blogger Valerie Soh. The ring on the front is crafted with the word ‘J’aime’, the French word for ‘I Love’. When the ring is turned to its back, it reveals the word ‘Moi’.

How's that for a feel good message? For all the ladies (and men) who need a good dose of self-lovin', this just might be a beautiful answer.

Carmen Chan's Messenger and J’aime Moi collection is available at Mythology, 88 Club Street.


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  2. Thank you for the feature : ) -carmenx

  3. Beautiful rings. I love the designs.

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