Sep 21, 2013

Singapore Fashion Week Brings Prêt-à-Porter and Haute Couture Together

The madness known as Fashion Week, or in its present form, more like Fashion Month, as the NYTimes article "Is New York Fashion Week Near the End of the Runway?" by Eric Wilson says, (beginning Thursday with the overscheduled spring collections in New York and ending with those in Paris on Oct. 3, with no breaks in between for the now thousands of writers, retailers, photographers, videographers, bloggers and hordes of indeterminate somebodies who for various reasons really must be there) is currently underway.

There has been much talk about how Fashion Week has become a circus, and street style has turned into peacocking, with Oscar De La Renta slashing the number of attendes for his show by half, Suzy Menkes writing on the demanding speed of the "fashion carousel" and the "Circus of Fashion", which lead to responses by Leandra Medine from Manrepeller and Susie Lau from Style Bubble. (Phew!)

While it's undeniable that Fashion Week has turned into a circus (which I believe is symptomatic of the proliferation of fast fashion culture) there just might be another Fashion Week worthy enough to jet off to after the last of the Big Four's shows conclude in Paris.

New York has sportswear, the wunderkinds and commercial yet innovative designs, Milan for workmanship, London for bold, unrestrained creativity, and Paris presents the fashion dream, but this year, Singapore's Fashion Week will showcase an amalgamation of over 30 designers from all over the world that brings Men's and Women's Prêt-à-Porter and Haute Couture together.

Asia's best couturiers like China's Guo Pei, Japan's Junko Koshino, Philippines's Michael Cinco and Singapore's Frederick Lee will join French couturiers like Alexis Mabille and Stephane Rolland who showed in Singapore last year.

This year's Fashion Week will see a couple of firsts: A new partnership with the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA), the inauguration of the Asian Couture Federation (ACF), and a suprising collaboration between local online brand Love Bonito with couturier Julien Fournie for a capsule collection. While high fashion brands are known to collaborate with fast fashion chains, this is a first for Haute Couture.

The closing show still remains under wraps at the moment, but the fashion rumour mill has thrown out Oscar de la Renta as a possible contender.

In the spirit of our current democratization of fashion, shows will be open to the public. Tickets are priced at $20 for a single show; a full-day pass at $40 and a season pass at $280.

You can purchase your tickets here!

Sep 15, 2013

Personalise your Jewelry with Carmen Chan Jewelry

Carmen Chan Jewelry, a Hong Kong based jewelry brand lets you wear your heart on your sleeve jewelery with its Messenger and special J'aime Moi collection. The Messenger collection is a collection of fine rings and pendant necklaces made in 925 sterling silver, 18k yellow and rose plated gold. The rings come bearing two different messages of "Live Life" and "Feel Love" (pictured below).

The Messenger collection also features four styles of pendant necklaces (pictured below) with the designer’s signature handwritten pendant: “Dream”, “Laugh”, “Play” and “Dance”.

Here's the kicker: all rings and pendants can be customised!

So the possibilities for personalisation are endless - you could write whatever your philosophy to life is on your jewelery piece that will be unique to just you!

If you're thinking you've seen similar designs before, you're not wrong. Dior might have started the "handwritten jewelry" trend with their Oui ring, which sparked a multitude of copies.

(Far left and center: The Dior Oui ring) (Far Right: An Oui ring on Etsy)

(Above: Solange Azagury-Partridge's 'Love' Gold Diamond Ring)

While Dior's Oui ring is seen an unconventional engagement ring by some with a simple design which has connotations of engagement, marriage and love ("Oui" means yes in French), the concept behind Carmen Chan's J’aime Moi ring collection comes from the belief that before loving the world, you need to love yourself.

The J’aime Moi ring collection (pictured below) has been jointly-designed with fashion blogger Valerie Soh. The ring on the front is crafted with the word ‘J’aime’, the French word for ‘I Love’. When the ring is turned to its back, it reveals the word ‘Moi’.

How's that for a feel good message? For all the ladies (and men) who need a good dose of self-lovin', this just might be a beautiful answer.

Carmen Chan's Messenger and J’aime Moi collection is available at Mythology, 88 Club Street.

Sep 9, 2013

Swarvoski Collective Announces Spring/Summer 2014 Designers

Swarovski has announced the designers who will make up the Swarovski Collective Spring/Summer 2014, and this season's Collective includes three exciting new talents: Sister by Sibling and Michael van der Ham showing in London and Alexis Mabille showing in Paris.

Selected for their cutting edge talent and ability to demonstrate exquisite craftsmanship with crystal, the 13 designers will showcase their forthcoming collections across New York, London and Paris Fashion Weeks.

Here's the complete list of designers:
NEW YORK - Prabal Gurung, Rodarte, Suno, Wes Gordon, Band of Outsiders, Creatures of the Wind; 
LONDON - Sister by Sibling, Michael van der Ham, Mary Katrantzou, Giles, Huishan Zhang; 
PARIS - Alexis Mabille, Masha Ma

The Swarovski Collective supports emerging and established designers in exploring the creative boundaries of crystal use and craftsmanship, and as members receive financial support towards their show as well as free reign to experiment with Swarovski crystal.

Founded in 1999, following Nadja Swarovski’s collaboration with a young Alexander McQueen and Isabella Blow, the Swarovski Collective has supported over 150 designers in producing some of the most avant-garde fashion looks of the last decade.

In Memoriam

Guess who's featured in the September issue of Esquire Singapore's tongue-in-cheek homage to ex-interns?

"It's not that easy working for Esquire Singapore. In fact, it's downright hazardous. We pay homage (but not a proper salary) to the interns who've worked with us in the past year."

It definitely wasn't easy working for Esquire Singapore at times, hazards do come with the job, and I feel strongly about unpaid internships, but I actually was paid (for the most part) while I was there.

The September issue marks Esquire Singapore's first anniversary - get a copy and celebrate their finest moments with them!