Jan 6, 2013

Yumi Katsura (Literally) Lights Up Japan Couture Evening

We were told a  ‘wardrobe malfunction’ was responsible for Yumi Katsura's show for Japan Couture Night at Fide Fashion Week starting a half-hour late, but it was worth the wait. After all, what fashion show starts on time anyway?

A veteran in the rarefied world of Haute Couture, Yumi Katsura has spent 47 years in the craft and is dubbed the "Missionary of Bridal". A title which clearly befits her, as each gown after gown that went down the runway proved that bridalwear is her forte. The show opened with floral gowns, complete with gauzy veils adorned with flower tiaras.

Yumi Katsura incorporates both the Japanese and European aesthetic, with ornate traditional kimonos to huge intricate ball gowns.

It seems Yumi Katsura shines in her area of expertise - bridalwear, but I was only a bit confused by these two looks (below), a mermaid style look, and another with some sort of shells.

How stunning are these wedding gowns with their intricate embroidery detail?

When the final gown came out, the runway lights went out unexpectedly.

In the darkness, the gowns unexpectedly lit up, igniting a collective gasp from the audience!

Yumi Katsura definitely lit up the night and closed the show with a bang!

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