Jan 11, 2013

Julien Fournié Shakes Up French Couture Week

Julien Fournié's show was the last show of the evening, and the crowd was understandably lethargic. As the lights went down, we were expecting a composed show of beautiful couture creations. But as soon as the lights on set and opening music came on, we knew we were in for something different.

The couturier shook the audience up by bringing back the 80s disco era with an all-Asian bevy of models. In true disco fashion, the models had afro-style hair, glitter, and a star-motif on one eye. Models walked danced down the runway to Diana Ross and Stephanie Mills.

The collection presented body-conscious dresses, bodysuits in candy pop colours and gowns with thigh high slits.

Midway through the show, a model tripped and fell on the runway, either due to the vertiginous heels or her train, but she quickly picked herself up to the applause of the audience.

Emily Hwang, a Singaporean socialite, closed the show with a gleeful grin. Joined by the designer himself, who instead of taking a bow, turned the runway into a disco dance floor by joining Emily and the rest of the models in dancing on the runway. Julien Fournié started pulling up those in the audience to dance and he exuberance was infectious; even those who weren't pulled up joined in the dancing as well!

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