Nov 26, 2012

I'm on a Ship

I'm on a ship! Not just any ship. I was on the Lili Marleen, a ship built in Germany in 1994. The name "Lili Marleen" was inspired by a German love song which became popular during World War II.

Organised by Stylo Worldwide and the owners of Lili Marleen, Vera and I were there as guests of Asia Fashion Inc during the F1 season.

The event was called "Mythical Fantasies at Sea", and featured six looks from recycled materials by winners of the Mercedes Benz Emerging Designers competition. Pretty apt name for the night, because the models in the creations definitely looked like the "Mythical Fantasies at Sea". 

The creations were pretty out there, but also stunning and pretty ingenious. There were umbrellas, trash bags, and even straws used in a creation!


The use of umbrellas in this looks like a cocoon!


Nicki Minaj is dat chu?


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