Nov 4, 2012

"Hanging Out" with Digital Fashion Week

I "hung out" live on Digital Fashion Week's Google+ Hangouts and interviewed designers like: Singapore fashion industry veteran Thomas Wee, designer of PAULINE.NING (whose name is actually Pauline Lim - watch the interview to find out more!), J R Chan from cult menswear label -J-A-S-O-N-, the great couturier of China, Guo Pei, and the legendary stylist for iconic films and TV shows, Patricia Field!

Wonder what goes into the process of conceptualizing the wardrobes of The Devil Wears Prada or Ugly Betty?
Or what J R Chan, a female designer of a cult menswear label thinks about breaking gender boundaries with her designs?

Well, I've compiled all the interviews here, so click and watch me ask those questions and more!

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