Nov 28, 2012

By Invite Only's Galatical Nebulae Jewelry

By Invite Only recently launched their latest collection for the month of November at TWO.O.RI with a pop-up store. Inspired by galaxies and specifically nebulae and their role in the universe, their newest collection is called Nebulous.

The brand continues with their love for crystals (which was what attracted me to the brand), but with a different take with styling in their use of silverware. Using crystals like Sodalite (Blue), Clear Quartz, Amethyst (Purple) and Onyx (Black), the pieces exude a mysterious and mythical undertone, and are colourways inspired by outer space and purple aurora light displays.

Now here's what I also love about By Invite Only's jewelry besides them being interesting, unique one-of-a-kind crystal pieces - they are crafted with quality.

All semi-precious stones are sourced from Brazil or India and are all hand-made by the designer herself in Singapore. They are Rhodium-plated and thoughtfully come with a 3M anti-tarnish square to keep pieces fresher for longer.

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