Sep 26, 2012

Blue in the City

I wore this three piece suit (pants not shown) by AMEN, a (relatively) edgy new local label to the TANG+Co Preview. You can buy them separately - the Perseus Blazer, Shirt and Pants. I have the three pieces, but I have yet to wear all three at the same time!

A few of the reactions I've recieved so far go, "Those look like pyjamas!", which is met with my vehement objection, and me saying that I'm channeling Cher from Clueless in her iconic yellow plaid/checked blazer and skirt suit, then showing a picture of Cher to make my case.

Hopefully I look at least pyjamas chic, (which was an actual trend for much of the season), rather than just looking like "I'm-wearing-my-tigger-pyjamas-out".

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