Jul 31, 2012

Hermès Presents: “The Gift of Time” ‏

Coming up in August, Hermès is opening the travelling exhibit, "The Gift of Time", a collaboration with American artist Hilton McConnico, scenographer, poet, and long-time partner of Hermès. The exhibition will be held at the historic Tanjong Pagar Railway Station, its second ever fashion event since its closing. This exhibition first made its debut in Hong Kong, and will continue in Lille, France after Singapore.

According to the press release from Hermès Singapore, the visitor will, "begin the walk contemplating the origin of time, before continuing on to free time, time suspended, in reverence to the watch, or to the stroke of time, reminding us of the patina on objects. Finally, time will be dedicated to a moment of sharing and to the transmission of memories and thoughts".

The exhibition will be open to the public from 1st to 12th August 2012, from 11am till 9pm daily.

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