Jun 19, 2012

That Totes Amaze Tote

Watch out, all the tote bags out there, especially that ubiquitous (yet still lust worthy and soon-to-be-iconic) Celine Luggage tote! These up and coming totes amaze 'it' bags might just be taking over. (I feel very happy with my clever use of alliteration in my title)

Her bags have been popping up on the front rows at London Fashion Week, sold out 5 times over at London departmental store, Selfridges, and she's quickly gaining a reputation as "Queen of the Tote" among the UK's top magazine editors.

Sophie Hulme, the 27-year-old London-based designer is definitely one to watch.

(Above: Double Plate Leather Tote in Tan)

Sophie Hulme's masculine and saddlery influences are consistent through the minimalist yet distinctive brass hardware on all of her bags. Speaking of her influences to Vogue Italy, she said that she uses "masculine influences and hard detailing to give feminine pieces a new toughness", and the result is a luxury look.

(Above: Double Zip Top Leather Tote)

Hulme uses natural vegetable-tanned cowhide, which ensures the leather on each bag is unique.

Sophie Hulme's collection is now available exclusively at Doorstep Luxury. Prices range from SGD $495 - $1120.

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