Mar 20, 2012

Trend Report: Raw Crystal

It seems like raw crystals are making a hit in the accessory world. The web has been abuzz with talk about similarities between Chanel and the cool New-York based designer Pamela Love, who both created very similar looking crystal cuffs. Pamela Love's crystal cuffs were created a year ago, while Chanel presented theirs at their Fall 2012 show in Paris recently.

(Above: Pamela Love's Crystal Cuffs)

(Above: Chanel Fall 2012)

Chanel has confirmed that their bracelets will be sold "out of respect for the concerns raised and for the artistic process". Just as well, you can still get Pamela Love's crystal cuffs for $525 here, which would probably be a fraction of the price.

Locally, the spotlight has been on Singapore-based label, By Invite Only. Started in 2009, the designer Trixie Khong is largely inspired by 18th century circuses and the Victorian era.

Her latest collection, Nature//Nurture features agate necklaces, rough stone pendants and chain bracelets in crystals and stones like clear Quartz, Pyrite, Citrine, Amethyst, Turquoise, Agate, Coral, Aquamarine and Jasper which are mostly sourced from mines in Brazil and Arkansas.

I personally love By Invite Only, and if you've been reading, her Quartz Crystal Necklace has been on the blog before!

All jewellery pieces are carefully sourced from all over the world and come in limited numbers of less than 200 pieces. Prices range from S$69 to S$225 and is available on!

“Life is very much like a crystal. It is often shaped by the environment and the many elements it comes across. It is with this idea that the Nature//Nurture series was conceived. As mostly raw crystals and semi-precious stones are used, every jewellery piece in this series is unique, just like every individual person in this world” - Trixie Khong.

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