Jan 31, 2012

Sounds of Ray Ban

The relationship between popular music and fashion has always been strong, and a great influence on culture been since the 50s. That relationship came to life in the heart of Hong Kong city when the iconic eyewear brand, Ray-Ban, hosted Raw Sounds.

The Ray-Ban Sounds event concluded in Hong Kong, after making its way around music capitals like New York and London.

Ray-Ban Raw Sounds is a one-off collaboration, where the legendary guitarist of The Smiths' developed five elements challenging bands to write their own tracks, using the elements as inspiration.

The finale in Hong Kong not only celebrated the distinct new sounds of the bands, but also a new limited edition Ray-Ban piece (only 1500 worldwide), designed by Johnny Marr himself!

“I’ve worn Ray-Ban for years... When I first started out with The Smiths I wore them all the time. I used to work in a shop in Manchester during the early 80s, we were the very first selling Ray-Ban. I recall I purposely ordered one pair for me so I could be one of the few people in Manchester at the time wearing Ray-Ban.” - Johnny Marr

Photo Credits: Luxxotica

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