Jan 2, 2012

Cross your Heart

Apparently religious jewelery is on trend this season. Pucci, Lanvin and Moschino all showed cross necklaces in their Spring/Summer 2012 show, done in excess, piled on, like it's the 80s again. Makes you think of Madonna, who made wearing huge crucifixes big, no?

I'm not exactly a fan of the Moschino and Pucci versions. Go big or go home, I say! However, I am loving the huge cross that Lanvin did for their show. Obesessed with a huge cross necklace right now.

Reminds me of my #fashionshoulda, a vintage '94 Chanel necklace which I previously posted about. I was crazy about it then, and I'm still crazy for it now, only that I can't get it anymore.

What about you?

Do you have a #fashionshoulda? Tell me about it!

Photo Credits: Style.com, Fabsugar.com

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