Dec 16, 2011

What is Fashion?

In today's fast moving world of fast fashion, where collections are sped up, we no longer have just four seasons, but pre-fall, pre-spring, and cruise collections, to fill the lull in between the seasons for the fickle and impatient consumer, Is there too much fashion around?

(How many times have you seen an on-trend item at just about every high street store?)

"We had too much stuff, too much red carpet, too much bling-bling, too much of everything, and it was like having an upset stomach from eating too many good things. So then you have to have a big cleanse. It's a refined purge." - Karl Lagerfeld on the economic downturn in 2009

"You've got to have style. It helps you get up in the morning." - Diana Vreeland

Style isn't something someone can teach you.
It isn't something you can learn.
You already know it.
You were born with it.
Style is not an expensive jacket, nor the latest trend.
Style is not what is sold to you in shops. Style is not fashion.
And style is definitely not an extension of yourself. It is yourself.
Style is who you are.
At your core.

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