Jul 13, 2011

Dip Dye Hair!

I previously wrote a Look of the Week post on the Fashion Fast Forward page a while ago about dip dye denim. Now, how about following the trend on your hair?

Reality TV starlet, Lauren Conrad, tried to be democratic and asked her readers to vote on what she should do with her hair. As seen above, Lauren went for a hybrid of a myriad of colors. The best thing about dip dyed hair? You get to experiment with a crazy color while not committing to a full head. If you have long hair, put your hair up and the color is hidden!

This dip dye hair trend is a mini-departure from the ombre hair trend, which Lauren and Drew Barrymore both have sported.

Nicki Minaj would be an example of how NOT to dip dye your hair.

So, what do you think?

Photo Credits: Fashionista

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