May 12, 2011

Chloe and Simeon Farrar For Japan

NET-A-PORTER.COM, online luxury fashion retailer, just launched Simeon Farrar's Japanese rising sun logo Kate Mouse T-Shirt and the Chloe Red Charity T-Shirt, in support of the Japanese Red Cross on 11th May.

How cute is the Simeon Farrar T-Shirt below? I love Kate Moss as a little mouse.

Simeon Farrar's iconic Kate Mouse T-Shirt is available only exclusively at NET-A-PORTER.COM. 50% of the sales will to the Japanese Red Cross. The Chloe Red Charity for Japan T-Shirt will retail at £87.50 with all profits going to charity.

Get the Simeon Farrar Kate Mouse T-Shirt HERE.

Photo Credits: Courtesy of NET-A-PORTER.COM,


  1. Hey Shane, Cheryl here!

    Congratulations in winning last night! Super glad you won, you all guys deserved it! I hope I'll see you around, I totally love your style. You remind me of Style Rookie and Bryanboy all in one! Super fierce, love it! :)


  2. Congrats! We are glad you won this competition. See you next time. Anyways your blog is really great. Thanks for sharing these.