May 18, 2011

Alex Pettyfer for V Man

If you don't already know about Alex Pettyfer, you need to. He is the star of teen flick Wild Child, Red Riding Hood, and upcoming film Beastly. Pettyfer finds himself as a "relative unknown on the brink of stardom, a blank canvas on which anyone can project a scandalous backstory".

Here is Alex Pettyfer in an editoral for V Man shot by Mario Testino.

Above: Pettyfer in a Marc Jacobs Sweater.

Above: Burberry Prorsum Trench Coat.

According to V Man, Pettyfer's publicist pulled Blaskberg aside to ask if he has read Pettyfer's Wikipedia page. It's all wrong, she tells Blasberg, and he shouldn't even bother.

Blasberg writes, "What I find there turns out to be inaccurate but harmless: Pettyfer was not approached by Ralph Lauren at a toy store when he was a little boy and made into a baby supermodel; while he did appear in two Burberry campaigns, he was never a model aspirant; and—my personal favorite, because it’s so ridiculously random— his family is not best friends with Channing Tatum’s. Beyond the Wikipedia entries, however, I see that in the weeks leading up to our photo shoot quite a few less-than-flattering posts about Pettyfer have shown up on the gossip blogs."

Whatever anyone's saying about Alex Pettyfer, be prepared to see him around a lot more because I'm sure he won't be going anywhere for a while.

Photo Credits: V Man

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