Apr 17, 2011

Wednesday Inspiration

Do you ever wish you were somewhere else? Maybe you live in a small town. Maybe you have a bad family situation. Whatever it is, we all dream.

For me, I discovered books from an early age and later on, the glorious world of fashion. I believe a good book or magazine has the power to let you escape and transforms you. I love opening a pristine magazine or book and getting lost in the stories of people, parties, and photographs featured.

In this digital age, going online is the next step for print media. What will the future hold for magazine and book publishers? I will continue to buy magazines. Personally, I love the experience. The excitement of obtaining a magazine, the anticipation and rush you get from reading it, having them in the physical form cannot be replaced by a digital magazine for me.

Here is a recent editorial from the April issue of Vogue Russia, featuring Abbey Lee Kershaw. Showing Heidi Slimane's style, Abbey Lee plays with the boundaries of femininity and hard edginess, donning tough leather bondage-like accessories.

I absolutely love this photo above and how the wide-legged pants highlights Abbey Lee's figure.

"I'd known since I was a child that I was going to live in New York eventually, and that everything in between would just be an intermission."- Nora Ephon, Elle US December 2010

What are you dreaming of today?

Photo credit: Fashion Gone Rogue

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