Mar 28, 2011

Win a VIP Ticket to Men's Fashion Week!

Win a VIP ticket to the Song of the Mute show and the exclusive after party, 'Gorgeous Decadence' at the upcoming Men's Fashion week, on 3rd April!

To enter, 'Like' my Facebook Page and write a comment on this post telling me why you want to go to Men's Fashion Week! May the best answer win!

Check out photos from Song of the Mute's A/W 2011 Collection. Positively Amazing.

Credit: On the streets of Sydney, Men's Fashion Week


  1. I want to go cause I really love fashion and all the aspects pertaining to it, I am a young designer and I've always wanted to go for a fashion show though I have never gotten the chance to. Now that this oppurtunity has risen I will reach for it steadfast of my dreams.

  2. Ever since I found out about MFW coming to Singapore, I've been so psyched and I'm dying to go. I've always been passionate about fashion and coming to this event would mean so much to me. As an aspiring artiste and model, it would truly be an opportunity of a lifetime. :')

  3. hi shane, roy here...yes i've decided to give it a shot...LOL

    Im just a really normal student living my really normal daily live, however have always been interested in fashion since like forever, though i may not be very good at it.

    I want to go for Song because from the pictures i see, i like the way they actually play with different cuts. I also like the fact that most of the pieces are in like shades ofblack/grey, which i particularly have an attraction for.

    Last of all, hope to catch up with you, cause today wasn't really enough, though it was definitely great.... :)

  4. hi shane, i am just an extraordinary working lady who are totally not related with FASHION.But i was attracted by "peoples" who walking around MBS expo hall during my normal window shopping last night,they are just looks extremely special and attractive which you will never miss out any "eye shooting" on their body regardless their specs, hair style, clothes, shoes and accessories.So I hope i still can grab the chance to win the tickets for satisfy my dream---become part of them.

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  6. Great collection! That guy is very fashionable! Thanks for sharing this great blog! Love it so much!