Mar 31, 2011

Men's Fashion Week: Day One, Hugo Boss

Singapore's own Men's Fashion Week has finally begun! I've been a busy little fashion bee, trying to catch all the shows instead of sleep.

At the Press Conference earlier on in the day, we were showed around the 'Fashion Metropolis' where they had various areas set up for the different labels showing during the week. I thought it was great that they had one dedicated to Japan.

Bryanboy on E! Entertainment.

I noticed her breeze past me and right away, my mind clicked: Lanvin Spring/Summer RTW 2011. The stunning one that Karlie Kloss fluidly moved down the runway in. I would have gotten a photo of her, but she breezed right past me and was gone, like a fashion mirage. Thankfully, I have press scene photos.

(Above: Ms. Cheryl Wee in Lanvin S/S 2011)

(Above: Karlie Kloss in the Lanvin S/S 2011 Show)

Phillip Hwang opened and closed the show for Boss Black by Hugo Boss.

Photo credit: Jak and Jil