Mar 7, 2011

i-D Magazine Pre-Spring 2011

I was at the bookstore today, and this issue of i-D literally stopped me in my tracks. My favourite cover, was the first cover I spotted of Heidi Slimane in an illustrated drawing.

i-D Magazine came out with not one, or two, but six covers for their Pre-Spring 2011 issue. Liu Wen, Kirsi Pyrhonen, Jeneil Williams, Milou Van Groesen and Rose Cordero, featured the standout trend of the season, color blocking, in bright, bold makeup and clothing.

Ajak Deng was draped in sheer pink, with a bondage looking bra and neck collar underneath.

Vanessa Paradis, in a softer look for the cover.

Lastly, Chanel Iman, Hilary Rhonda, Jessica Stam, and Kayt Jones all stripped down to their bare skin for their cover.


  1. love them all!

    <3 steffy

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