Jan 12, 2011

Swedish Fashion Blogger Designs for H&M

With the profileration of fashion bloggers who are becoming increasingly promient in the fashion industry, so has been the rise of fashion blogger/celebrity fashion lines. Fashion bloggers are becoming very present in fashion, be it modelling in ad campaigns, wearing free clothes, sitting in front rows and tweeting about it. No one seems to take the collections very seriously, with many lines known to be just a celebrity name attached with no actual designing from them.

H&M is launching a new collection with Swedish blogger, Elin King, who started her blog in 2007.
I think the collection looks great. I love the clean, minimalist aesthetics, and all the pieces seem to be cut beautifully with such precision. I especially love the long dress with the artsy print on it. This is definitely one of the best fast fashion collabrations to me so far. Sadly, the collection will only be available in Sweden. 10% of the proceeds will also go to UNICEF.

What do you think? Do you love the pieces? Do you support fashion bloggers or celebrities turned designers or do you think some are just riding on their fame?

Sources: H&M/Peter Gehrke, The Cut

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