Nov 18, 2010

Style For Less?

I've been coveting this Burberry Single Breasted Woollen Military Jacket (pictured below) for a long time.

I definitely don't have the funds to buy the jacket right off, so I've been saving. Then, I found this Rag & Bone Wool Jacket (pictured below) which looked similar to the Burberry one. At USD$680, it is much cheaper than the Burberry jacket which is more than twice that, at USD$1495.

I've seen the Burberry Jacket in person, and tried it on. The pictures DO NOT do the jacket justice! The jacket feels fantastic on, and looks incredibly good.

You know how a good jacket can totally change your look? This jacket does that. It has great structure and quality, which you just do not get from the high street.

What do you think? Which would you pick?
Would a cheaper version of your dream item satisfy you in the same way and give you the same feel-good feeling?

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