Jun 17, 2010

Peter Lindbergh Does His First Spread for Vogue Again After 18 Years!

I recently bought an issue of the July 2010 issue of Vogue, and I was taken by an editorial. After some research, I realized that the editorial was done by Peter Lindbergh. This is his first editorial in the pages of Vogue since 1992. It was previously reported that Peter was returning to Vogue.
I was reading an article on NY Magazine about the editorial online, and I was a little sad to know many of the readers had negative comments about it. Personally, I loved it. I loved that it seemed to tell a story. I thought Peter Lindbergh perfectly echoed the sentiments of Fall/Winter 2011. The editorial seemed give off this bourgeois, mad men era, fifties and sixties style. It also showed off the new body image for the fashion industry, moving away from the stick-thin, teenage zombies, to actual women.

The Prada and Louis Vuitton FW 2010 shows featured many full figured women, and Miuccia Prada 'first broached the comeback of the curvy silhouette earlier in the season in Milan'.

Above: Louis Vuitton Fall/Winter 2010

Let's continue with the story.
In happier times...
Cracks on the idyllic surface?
Now we know why. With a cute James Dean-like guy, no less.

Secret phone calls? Be careful who might be watching..

I think the children are always the ones hurt the most in a divorce. They're smiling here, but whatever. Thats not the point!

Oh well. At least you know they won't be starving. You can't have it all.

Oh, what rebels.

Image Credits: Fashionologie, Style.com

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