May 12, 2010

Everything Is Fashion-Related To Me

I had to do an assignment on a artist/designer mentioned in my design textbook, and of course, out of everything from cubism to expressionism, I managed to find something fashion related.

I introduce to you, Cine Pineles. The photo above is her working at Conde Nast, in the late 1930s or early 40s.

She became the first autonomous woman art director of a mass-market American publication when she joined Glamour magazine. Pineles is credited with the innovation of using fine artists to illustrate mass-market publications.

Above: The cover of Seventeen Magazine's April 1948 issue. (Photographed by Francesco Scavullo)

Isn't it just amazing? I love love love this.

Above: Editoral spead from Charm Magazine's January 1954. (Photographed by Willam Helburn)

After achieving national prominence as art director for Glamour, British Vogue and Seventeen, Pineles became the first female member of the New York Art Directors Club. She was one of the few women to gain recognition.

I learn something new about fashion everyday.

Photo credits: AIGA

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