May 24, 2010

Balmania Spreads to J Brand

It seems like everyone has found a way to replicate that military cool from Balmain's Spring 2010. Khaki greens, Distressed everything, and shoulder pads that launched a cray cray phenomenon also known as Balmania.

Their collection has spawned tons of copies on the high street, but none has been a sucess like J Brand's Houlihan Cargo Pants.

(Left: The J Brand Houlihan Cargo Pants. Right: Balmain SS 2010)

Cathy Horyn of The New York Times agrees, and wrote a whole article on Front Row on the pants.

“There is no denying their hot-item status,” Horyn wrote. “Although Mr. Rudes [CEO of J Brand] might sell more jeans and leggings, the demand for the pricey Houlihan, which J Brand considers a novelty style, has been exceptionally intense. Fashion blogs have been discussing the style since February — the fit seems to be the main draw — and you can find scads of pictures of Houlihan-supportive celebrities, including Rihanna and Jessica Alba.

Photo: Mymanybags

Maybe I should get a pair myself, it would be perfect to pair it with my new Zara military jacket that I found the other day.


  1. I love Balmain and those pants by J Brand are very good!