May 1, 2010

Audi Fashion Festival opens with Dsquared!

I actually spotted Dan and Dean Caten at their store in Orchard ION before I was at the show, but I didnt manage to get a photo of them!

I was so incredibly excited for the show. However, it started late and while waiting I decided to be all sartorialist and take some photos of the amazing people around me, and..

Turns out she is the Fashion features editor at Harpers Bazzar, Kim Reyes!

I also met this other woman who didn't actually have a ticket but was standing around hoping to get an extra seat. I really liked her purple heels, which were from Dsquared. She bought them for the show!

Carmen Kass was obviously the star model, wearing the piece de resistance of the collection, which had a bejewelled spine back. She closed the show, and walked down the runway with Dean and Dan Caten.

(Photos: Diva,

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